Comment Guidelines



Snarky, unproductive comments (You’re a misogynist! Feminist dogmababble! You’re anti-rescue! You’re anti-purebred!) will simply be deleted because I’m far too lazy to argue with ideologues and I don’t like giving them a platform to argue from on my work.

It’s unproductive and only reinforces their ideology, as outlined on this lovely post by a different blogger:

Frankly, I don’t care about you or your pet hangups. 

If you have a calm, logical counter to an argument, and can discuss the issue like an adult, I’ll post the comment. 

If your comment is unreadable either due to wall-of-text issues (Please space between paragraphs) or a shaky grasp of the English language, (excusable for non-native speakers, inexcusable otherwise) then it will not be posted. 

Some things that will save you some time before you comment: 

1) I am critical of rescue because of many rescues’ extremism and complete disregard for people – and this critical eye towards rescue is based on long experience. I am critical also of ignorant breeders who fail to acknowledge that purist ideals and refusal to acknowledge science in their breeding programs is directly harming their dogs. I hold dog people to a high standard of ethics and behavior no matter their platform. 

2) I am a biologist with a background in evolution. Creationists need not comment as to that effect.

3) The same goes for animal rights. 

4) I am an MRA and strongly anti-feminist as I believe in gender equality. Arguments denigrating anybody based on gender will be either ridiculed or deleted. Feminist dogma will get you nowhere. 

5) Environmentalism is a religion and will be treated as such – there are sound arguments for conservation, habitat preservation, new technologies in the energy sector, etc, and if these things are approached from a scientific angle I would love to discuss them. However, if you want to spread the Gospel Word of Recycling, then don’t bother.


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