An Ode to Mutts

Hiking offleash


An Ode To Mutts

Mutts profane
the sacred ring
and offend the pedigree’d
Bouffant aristocracy

For mutts achieve
their looks from a
forbidden, classless love
outside the tight grip
of human codependence

And wilder, more
proletariat roots
whose great grandfather
was a bootlegger of chickens
wily enough not
to get shot

Mutts live with
their genetic secrets close
to their chests
playing cards that you
guess by trying everything
and anything

they defy your
preconceived notions
of what is proper behavior
for THAT kind of dog.
They are like ourselves
In that we don’t know what
They, or we, are good for

But the journey is what
is sacred,
A journey
of mutt-discovery

For they poop
on manicured lawns
without embarrassment
outside the show grounds
for one reason

Mutts are punk as fuck

-Jessica Cargill, ©2013


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