Bob Ross, Dog Trainer

Oftentimes in dog training, I tell owners to speak and act like Bob Ross, because their dog needs to have clear, easy, gentle, unexcited communication.

Bob Ross could have easily been a dog trainer.

“Hi, I’m Bob Ross, and for the next 13 weeks, I’ll be your dog trainer. I think all of us at some time in our life, have wanted to train their dogs. There’s a dog trainer hid in the bottom of every single one of us. Here we’ll show you to bring that dog trainer out, because you too, can train Almighty dogs. Some of us have been told we have to attend Animal Behavior College for half your life, be blessed like Cesear Milan to train a dog. We’re here to show you that’s not true.”

“Each week, we’ll use the same treats and same equipment, so if you have your leash and collar next week, you’ll be ready to start along with us.”

Remember – Dog trainers all started out not knowing how to train dogs. They learned through apprenticeship, trial and error and experience, their skills. Some of them might have been gifted with grace and good proprioception and timing that made learning to train dogs easier, but none of them are superhuman. It’s putting in the time that makes you good.

You may not be interested in becoming a professional dog trainer, but if you are working with somebody, they should never act like it’s some mystical set of skills that are impossible to master. They should be willing – and happy – to show you how to train, because there’s no secret formula. Just like Bob Ross.

Your training might not make a picture quite as pretty as your instructor’s, but it’s progress.

And when you’re getting frustrated working with clients, or if you are a dog owner and you’re frustrated working with your dog, just remember – Bob Ross taught millions of random, unknown people how to paint a picture, and even if none of them were masterpieces, it still worked.

So when you’re really frustrated, and nothing is working, just sit back. Paint some happy trees.


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