What is this?



This blog is mostly going to be about dogs.

Possibly about other things.

But most things lead back to dogs. After all, I’m a dog pusher – come get training. Let me help you pick out your next dog. Do you have questions about dogs? I can tell you anything you want to know . . . and possibly a few hours worth of things you don’t.

It won’t be a twee blog. If you’re looking for cute dog pictures, you’ll find some, but that’s not the point.

I suppose I want this to be a sounding board of my thoughts on training, life, and considerations of my second year as a dog training apprentice, a lapsed biologist, and young person trying to make my way through the world.

I’m not a traditionalist. I won’t be weeping about the beauty of clickers or dog shows, and this is your only fair warning.

But maybe I have some good ideas. Maybe I have some ideas that are strange. And maybe you have some insight that will help me better describe the world to myself.

There will be some players in this blog:

Mika, my main girl. She’s a three year old Heeler/Aussie mix, a blue-eyed smoky sweet dame. She’s a sarcastic, but loving and driven dog. She herds, she does agility, obedience, tricks, and loves babies. She’s my Oklahoma Farm Mutt, dug out from under a board on my uncle’s farm in Macomb, Oklahoma. She’s the dog that made me a trainer, and I couldn’t imagine a day without her.



And this is Dax. He’s a two year old . . . um . . . Border Collie, Lab, Greyhound, Pointer, God only knows?

He’s also an Oklahoma farm mutt that was tossed out on the highway. at three days old, and raised as well as any purebred show prospect by my master trainer. He had all of the advantages – socialization, his mother, excellent pre-training, and probably some of the most diverse genetics possible. He’s primarily my boyfriend’s dog, but this kid’s sharp as a tack, and loyal. I steal him sometimes because he is just that awesome.



And Phoenix. He’s not mine. He’s a service dog in training. And he is a nerd-herder. He’s going to be a little-girl herder, because that’s his girl Ellie.
Phoenix and Ellie


So hopefully you can read. And think. And maybe I can use this blog as a way to organize my thoughts (they are frequently unorganized).


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